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Brown Box Ninja provides a variety of services to fit your shipping and preparation needs and your business size. Each of our services comes with professionals Ninjas, our commitment to packaging excellence and outstanding customer service.

If you’re not certain which service is right for your business simply contact us using the form in the footer and we will help you to choose the right plan and service for your business.

  1. Amazon FBA (OA/RA and Wholesale)
    When you signed up as an Amazon FBA seller you probably didn’t envision yourself spending hours’ poly bagging, packaging, and placing yet another order for bubble wrap. In fact, there are probably several other things you’d rather be doing. Well now you can forget all that and leave the packaging stresses behind with our expert packaging and fulfillment services. There’s a reason our Amazon FBA services is our most popular program. We prep anything and everything that you sell on your Amazon account. Once you send your orders to us we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround to receive, inspect, prep, label, pack and ship your products to Amazon. Of course, some larger volume orders may take a little bit more prep time but that’s just to ensure they receive the same care as smaller orders.
  2. Amazon Merchant
    Our Amazon Merchant service is perfect for those businesses selling items that are not fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). If you’re an Amazon merchant or have items not FBA, Brown Box Ninja will save you time, money, and effort with our Merchant program. It’s simple to sign up and we will receive, inspect, store, prep and ship when your item sells. Item was planning to go to FBA, but now it is HAZMAT? Don't send it back to the supplier, change it to FBM and let us ship it for you! Plus, when we handle your merchant orders you have access to our exclusive, low cost shipping rates! After your signup simply link your Amazon account to our shipping software for the best shipping rates!
  3. Amazon Trade In
    Amazon Trade in Program is a perfect way to earn an Amazon gift card. If you are not sure what the Amazon Trade In is, check it out here: The customers that use our services typically send us books that they want to trade in. You can send us anything you like, but books are the most popular.
  4. Amazon Liquidation
    Stranded inventory left at Amazon? Send it to us! Our storage fees are cheaper than Amazon. We have a pricing structure built just around storage. If you need time to figure out what to do with your items that are not selling on Amazon, we can help you with that. Once we get your items you can sell merchant, keep it in storage until you figure out what you want to do with them, or we can sell it for you.
  5. Ebay Merchant
    What prep center do you know offers all these wonderful services! If you're an Ebay seller we can help you out too! Do you dropship from your Ebay account to Amazon? We can help. Soley sell on Ebay and need to outsource your shipping? We can help. If you sell on EBay, Brown Box Ninja can provide all the great prepping and shipping features you need to run an efficient business. We can ship directly to your customers or from your EBay Account to Amazon. And by signing up, your EBay business can enjoy access to our exclusive shipping rates plus enjoy the ease of linking your account directly to our shipping system.
  6. ECommerce Merchant
    Have your own website? Link your store to our shipping software for the best shipping rates! We receive, inspect, store, prep and ship when your item sells. If you’re selling on-line or on your own website there’s no reason to convert your garage, basement, or living room into a prep and storage warehouse. With our Ecommerce service you’ll have a direct link to our shipping software for the best shipping rates and we’ll receive, inspect, prep, and ship all your items. You can link as many merchant accounts that you want. There is no limit. So if you sell on multiple channels, you can link all your channels and let BBN do the packing and shipping for you!
  7. Warehouse Storage
    Save money by storing your extra product or left over Amazon inventory with Brown Box Ninja. We offer great rates that are lower than Amazon and a clean, safe environment for your products. BBN storage plans are great for both your long term and short term storage needs. Plus, once you’ve stored your product with BBN we can easily convert them to a merchant sale on Amazon, EBay, or anywhere else you sell.
  8. Forwarding
    Don't need inspection or labeling, no touching the product at all? We can send just your package to FBA. This is our forwarding service. You can use our services to send a package to us, we will apply the Amazon shipping label and ship your product!
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