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Prep and Ship Service Center
Brown Box Ninja offers flexible pricing plans for every style seller. Please see the charts below and determine the plan that best fits your needs.

Also be sure to check out our great rates on Storage, Amazon & Ebay listings and our Forwarding Services at the bottom of this page.

These are all Flat Rate Fees so you’ll never have to guess at your costs.

Here is what is included in All Ninja Plans:
  • Receiving
  • Inspection of incoming shipment
  • Removal of extra stickers and labels
  • All preparation materials including poly bagging, bubble wrap, bundling, and boxes.
  • Labeling       
  • Creating and managing shipping plans
  • Preparation
  • Pack ansd Ship

Our Pricing for 2018 is changing and our page will be updated soon. 

For current customers you will still get the same price until the prices have been announced. 

For new customers please fill out the form in the footer for pricing.

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