Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and our answers. For any reason if you still need more information or need answers to questions not listed, please contact us, we are here to help.

Does BBN provide insurance for my products?

No, BBN does not provide any insurance for any products. We encourage the customer to get their own insurance.


Does BBN sell on Amazon or any other platform?

No. BBN does not sell on any platforms. BBN is strictly a prep and ship service center.


Do I get a discount for large volume?

BBN may provide a discount to certain items depending on the type of item, the quantity of the item, and how often the item is sent to Amazon. BBN evaluates discounts on a case by case basis and you must submit an inquiry for evaluation.


What is your turnaround time frame?

We have 2 turn around time frames. The first is the receiving time frame which is next business day. The second, is out bound processing.

For merchant and forwarding orders the time frame is next business day. For FBA the time frame is 2 business days (extremely large orders may take an additional day).


What is your error rate?

Our error rate is less than 1 %


Can I store climate-controlled items with BBN?

At this time, BBN does not offer storage for items that need climate or refrigerated storage. Please be choosey of the items you send to BBN, especially in the summer time as we are in Texas.


What are the postage rates for shipping merchant orders?

Postage rates are not a set fee. The postage will vary depending on the weight/size of the item, the destination, and which carrier is used. We use USPS for smaller parcels and UPS for heavier/larger parcels. The best way to get a postage rate is to go the USPS and UPS websites and see their rates. We do have cheaper rates than what the carriers advertise, but using their website will give you a pretty good estimate as to what the postage will cost. We cannot provide the exact cost of postage as an estimate.


What are your storage fees?

Our storage fees are $20.00/pallet that measures 48 x 40 x 72.

Any pallet that exceeds 72" tall is billed at $25.00/pallet


What is the difference between FBA and Forwarding services?

FBA is when we handle the individual product and forwarding is when we handle just the carton (the carton is never opened).


Does BBN ship HAZMAT items to Amazon?

Yes, but only small parcel items. We do not ship pallets of HAZMAT.


Is BBN near an Amazon fulfillment center?

Yes. We are in between the Houston and Dallas centers (about 2 hours). There is one being built in Waco, which we are 30 mins from.
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