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Temple-based Brown Box Ninja is a warehouse and order-fulfillment center that serves online merchants all over the world. Amanda Sheppard started the business out of her garage and how leases a 19,000-square-foot warehouse just off I-35 south of Central Avenue. She plans on opening similar warehouse facilities across the U.S.

Temple-based Brown Box Ninja provides services for online merchants

By DAVID STONE, Our Town Temple

Lately, Amanda Sheppard and her spirited social media rants about the ongoing Frito shortage have been all over the news — her quest to find the missing Frito-pie ingredient has been featured on local television and here in Our Town Temple.

Amanda, however, is much more than a corn-chip craving chili lover. She’s also a highly successful business woman who operates a warehouse and order-fulfillment service for online merchants.

Brown Box Ninja, located in a 19,000-square-foot warehouse off I-35 in the heart of Temple, is an order fulfillment center that ships items all over the world. Her customers are online businesses that sell just about everything.

“A lot of online businesses don’t have their own warehouses, so they use us,” Amanda said. “They ship their products to Temple and we store them in our warehouse. When a product is sold from their website — or through online retailers such as Amazon, eBay or walmart.com — we ship it out. Sometimes we ship directly to the buyer, sometimes to the retail giants.”

“The customer can focus on building their business and their online store while we handle warehousing, packaging and shipping,” she said. “We handle the tape, boxes, bubble wrap, bags and pallets.”

So what does Brown Box Ninja ship?

“Just about everything,” the personable Amanda said with a laugh. “You name it — food, hats, toys, clothing, auto parts. Pretty much everything from A to Z.”

Brown Box Ninja ships via UPS and USPS, and it hires freight companies for big loads.

“We use DHL for international shipments,” she said. “But we use all of the major shipping companies. Temple is a great headquarters because of its location. It’s an easy ride to the Amazon distribution centers in Texas.”

Amanda said she developed an interest in product fulfillment after she and her husband, Aaron, launched an e-commerce business in 2013.

“I was a nurse, and Aaron decided to buy a truckload of new auto parts,” she said. “Nothing big like engines or transmissions, but gaskets, door handles, carburetors — small stuff. We set up an online store, and started selling. Our garage was our warehouse.”

Business boomed, and soon the little auto parts store had a warehouse and five employees. Amanda quit her nursing job to work in the online store full time.

“We were doing well, and we got an offer on the business,” she said. “We ended up selling.”

So Amanda was out of the e-commerce business — for a while.

“It was kind of addictive,” she said. “I sat around for a while, then started exploring options to get back in. That’s when I decided to start Brown Box Ninja.”

Business took off, and two years ago Amanda began leasing the building off of General Bruce Drive.

Amanda sees a bright future for Brown Box Ninja.

“I’d like to have refrigeration capabilities so we can store and ship cold and frozen foods,” she said. “And, I’d like to set up Brown Box Ninja warehouses all across the country. I intend to grow.”

Hmmm — perhaps that growing future will include a contract for shipping Fritos to Temple chili fans.

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