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Why choose BBN?
Today’s most successful small business owners are E-sellers! Selling products on Amazon, EBay, or through your own website is the best way to expand your sales and reach a global market.

Of course, like most sellers you’re in the business of “selling products,” and probably don’t have a lot of time or interest in prepping, shipping, and storing your inventory. Unfortunately, the largest distribution platform, Amazon, has strict standards on their packaging requirements and not following their rules can have some costly implications for your business.

But, learning all the rules and doing all your own packaging and shipping takes critical time away from your other responsibilities.

Your solution is Brown Box Ninja!

Our passion is in product packaging and fulfillment. In other words, we’re pretty excited to do all the heavy “stealth” lifting behind the scenes.

Whether you are brand new to on-line selling or a seasoned veteran, Brown Box Ninja’s packaging, fulfilment and distribution services will make your life easier and your business more successful.
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We take all the guesswork out of Amazon’s FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) requirements. With Brown Box Ninja, you can be assured that:

  • Your product has the correct labels
  • Poly bagging is done correctly with required warnings
  • Boxed product is packed in the correct quantities
  • Bubble Wrap and Packaging is done to protect product

Plus, we save you money!

Our labeling, packaging, storage, and shipping rates are some of the lowest in the industry and far lower than having Amazon do the work for you.

We’re Fast…Like Ninja Fast!

At Brown Box Ninja, we pack, package, label and ship most orders in just 24 hours!
(The really, really big orders can take a little longer)

Beyond the Jungle

Amazon isn’t the only game in town. So, if you also sell on eBay, your own website, Etsy or any other on-line shopping platform, Brown Box Ninja can be your personal distribution center.

We offer low cost storage for all your products, and we’ll professionally package and ship your individual orders! No need to keep all that product in your garage, basement, or living room. Send it to us, where all your product will be kept safe, warm and comfortable! You can even hook up your on-line platform to our shipping software to enjoy some of the industry’s lowest rates.

A Plan for Every Sized Selling Ninja

We know businesses aren’t one size fits all. And that’s why we offer a variety of plans to fit your business. Whether you’re just starting and need a per item plan or you need to package thousands of products each month, we have a plan that fits, at prices that work.

Check Out Our Pricing Plans Here

A Plan for Every Type of Ninja

Brown Box Ninja offers plans and services for all types of selling Ninjas including:

  • Amazon FBA and Merchant
  • Amazon Trade In and Liquidation
  • EBay Sellers
  • Company Website Sellers
  • Etsy, Ecommerce, and More!

Service and Relationships Matter!

Brown Box Ninja isn’t just about package and fulfillment, we also have a passion for customer service. The Ninjas take the time to get to know, understand and package that client’s product and merchandise. We really emphasize TEAM in our company.  And each customer is a part of our TEAM. 

We don't have you create a ticket if you have a question or a problem. You can email or call us and speak to a real Ninja! No automiated phone call, no "press 2 for customer service." Worse have to leave a message. But we will call you back!

Get Started!

Ready to Go? Go to our Get Started Page, follow the instructions and…let’s get started!

Still have questions? Contact us using the form in the footer and we’ll discuss the plan and pricing models that will best help.